Monday, December 24, 2007


So, this is pretty cool...a search engine that gives away stuff just for searching. It's called BLINGO! and it's powered by Google, so you get the same great searching power, with a twist.
When signed in, you simply search like you normally would. You get stuff if you happen to be the first person to search for something, after a prize is released. Prizes include gift cards, iTunes, movie tickets, cash, and even the occasional vehicle. Also, with every search, you get entered into the Publishers Clearing House contest. Normally, I do NOT recommend playing a lottery, or anything else where you need to pay money to participate, as it is basically a losing proposition...however, as this is free, and it's done while doing something you do anyway, I felt it couldn't hurt to put it out there. Even if it's something small, like a movie ticket that you win, that's still a couple dollars that end up staying in YOUR pocket, and SAVING MONEY IS EARNING MONEY!! Give it a try!


Chris said...

nice find

Steve said...

Thanks for visiting the site, Chris. I appreciate your taking some of your time to read...I hope to earn your continued readership.