Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Free 1GB Scandisk Secure Digital Card

Merry Christmas! Since we're all about saving money here, I wanted to pass this little deal on to you. I gave my wife a new digital camera for Christmas, but stupid me, forgot a memory card for the pictures...the built in flash memory hold only SIX pictures!! Not good! So, I get online and start looking around at Buy.com and I found this...a 1GB SD card on sale for $10! Woohoo! But, wait, Steve, you said it was free, and now your saying it cost $10 - what's gives?
Well, I looked below the checkout button, and saw a little link for buying it through "Google Checkout", and first time users of Google Checkout get $10 off their first purchase! On top of that, that particular item qualified for free shipping (if you choose 7-9 day shipping at checkout), so it ended up being free (when looking for products that qualify, look for "Free Shipping" under it, in GREEN lettering)!! Now, I'm not in so much hot water with the wife, which is good for everybody involved.

But hey, if you don't need a SD card, see what else they have...there was quite a few items that were under $10 that had free shipping as well, or maybe you see something else you need to buy (or were going to buy anyway), and now you can use the "Google Checkout" and get $10 off your order...and like we love to say here...SAVING MONEY is MAKING MONEY!!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Chris said...

what a deal - thanks alot! I ended up getting some free memory! WooT!

Steve said...

Rob, thanks for checking out the site...hope you were able to find something you could use from Buy.com.
Thanks for your readership, I hope to be able to continue to earn it.


Steve said...

Chris, thank you for visiting the site...congrats on your free memory. I appreciate your time, and hope to continue to earn your readership.