Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gonna be a little selfish with this post

So, to be honest with you, I struggled with today's post. I've been wanting to hit the importance of budgets, and how easy they really can be, but I also needed to do something to help myself out a little bit as well. So, I wondered, how can I work this where I get done what I need to get done, but can tie it into the blog...hmmmm.

EUREKA!!! Holy cow, did I just actually type "eureka"?!? Who uses that word anymore? Apparently I'm stuck in some time warp of old cliches and archaic words and phrases. Anyway, back on topic.

Let me lay it out for you all...this little blog of mine will someday, I hope, be a resource for many, MANY, MANY people such as yourself. In order to do that though, I need traffic.

Now, how do I get more of it? Seeing as this site is about saving money, I'm sure as heck not going to be paying a lot for it ( a lot = just about $0.00), not to mention, those companies that claim to deliver thousands of visitors for a small fee are not what I'm looking for...I want great quality readers, like yourself, who are actually interested in the material...not people being slammed onto my site who don't plan on staying. Quality or quantity? I'll take quality, thank you!

So, I stumble across rssHugger. It appears it costs $20 to get started. Oh well, not gonna save any money there...but wait a tic', what is that I see? The $20 is waived, if you post a review of rssHugger on your own blog? Now that is what I'm all about! All I gotta do is write an honest review, and I'm in? Well let's go...this is the answer to my dilemma. A means to possibly generate some quality visitors, while saving money (it's cool to practice what you preach)...because SAVING MONEY is MAKING MONEY!!

So here's the skinny on is designed to serve both bloggers (like yours truly) and readers (such as fine upstanding folks as yourselves).

For bloggers, it can help with traffic, backlinks for search engine optimization, and hopefully building a list of rss subscribers, who just can't live without their daily money saving tip fix, courtesy! For readers, it helps to categorize blogs by topic, and make their search for their areas of interest that much easier. Find a blog you like, and subscribe to the feed, and voila (there's another one of those obsolete words), you get updated info from that blog instantly. It also has a "Top 100" list, which apparently resets every month, giving even the little guys (like me) a chance to get ranked, as it is based on views for that month - very cool feature! You click on the blog you want to read, and it lists all the updated content, click on the headline you want to read, and it takes you straight to that page. That saves the reader time as well...not that time IS money, but time is money, and SAVING MONEY is MAKING MONEY, so I guess following that logic, SAVING TIME is MAKING TIME!! (Ok, cut me some slack, I've been up since before 5am, and I've only eaten a frozen pizza seemed profound at the time).

So in closing, rssHugger appears to be a solid idea that is working. Will it work for this blog? I hope so, as it appears to be a unique way of generating traffic. I'll keep you all posted.


qualityjohn said...

Sound advise for better exposure. Hope it works fantastically.

Steve said...

thanks, qualityjohn - I will definitely keep everyone up to date on how it works, so that those of you who are readers with your own blogs, can see if it is worth your time participate as well. I hope to continue to earn your readership.