Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Save money with FREE digital prints

As a fairly new dad, I've come to appreciate the value of taking photos...alot of photos. So many though, it's going to be expensive to have any significant portion of them devleoped (and you know how I am about spending money). Yeah, we use a digital camera, and it helps being able to post them or email them to friends and family, but sometimes, you want a hard copy. This deal is going to help.

I was surfing around on Saving Advice, and aneta posted this great deal. Get up to 330 free digital prints. The link she provided actually takes you to Cheap Stingy Bargains ( a new site I'll be sure to look at more closely for future money saving ideas). From there, there is a list of links to various online sources, like Shutterfly, SnapFish, and Kodak, with deals ranging from 10 to 50 free digital prints. Between all the links, you can get up to 330 prints total. That's an avaergae savings of about $30. Not bad.

After this week with the baby and grandma and grandpa, and great-grandma, we'll definitely be putting some of these offers to use.

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