Saturday, January 12, 2008

Playing games

Well, I was browsing through some new blogs of like-minded folks, and came across Mommies Home. She has a cool little post called the "Grocery Game". This caught my eye, as I personally challenge myself to save as much money as possible while grocery shopping each week. So, just what is this "Grocery Game"?

Well, I google the site, and check out the Grocery Game website. It's a pretty cool concept actually. For a small fee ($10 every 8 weeks), you get a store list, where they post upcoming sales at your area grocery stores, and then match those sales to manufacturer's coupons. Basically, you are paying for them to do the leg work to sift through the sale and coupon flyers, so you can maximize your savings.

Like I said, a pretty cool concept, and one I'm going to try out (you get a 4 week trial for $1). If I can save 25% off my grocery bill each week, that would be well worth it. But check out an example they give of an actual receipt with savings. To go from a $40 original total, to less than $2 is pretty phenomenal (albeit I assume rare). But still, if you can save $20 every 8 weeks (which you should have no problem doing), and it only costs you $10, that is still a decent savings, and comes out to $60 bucks a year...not a huge sum, but $60 bucks here, and $60 bucks there can add up fast...and SAVING MONEY is MAKING MONEY!!

I'll post in the coming weeks to let you all know how it works for me. Thanks again to Mommies Home.

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